Microsoft IE10 illustration

Proud to have worked with a progressive global company like Microsoft in helping them promote the new and amazing Internet Explorer 10. I was asked to create a fun and cool illustration poster for developers and web designers around the world to download whenever they visit to scan for common coding problems with their site. The site magically generates your site for 9 common browsers and mobile devices and all within our crazy illustration. The concept I was trying to convey here is called Responsive Web Design and I worked closely with the Microsoft team in Seattle and Brad Frost, an expert in the field of Responsive Web Design based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Try it yourself (it takes a bit of time to generate) but well worth the wait. Testing for Internet Explorer just got a little easier.

The illustration consists of over 100 separate drawings pieced together in layers so that the developer team at Microsoft could have maximum flexibility with the piece during browser resize and other coding design ideas they were playing with. Here’s the entire illustration deconstructed for a better look of all the pieces I drew.